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Sales and Representation Services

Our experts in Sales for Luxury Hotels can help you redefine your strategy in Retail Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, Consortiums in the main producing destinations in the country, such as the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Mexico.
Additionally, you can contract our Representation services and gain access to our client portfolio with more than 3,000 agencies and business partners in the Luxury segment.

Sales Consulting - Leisure 

Let our Leisure Segment Sales experts help you create an attractive strategy to generate more sales and increase your brand positioning.
We will review the most important segments of this segment such as:

  • BAR

  • Consortia

  • Promotions

  • Discounts

Sales Consulting - Wholesalers

We will help you to generate a correct Pricing strategy for each market, within the Wholesale agencies, we will review and optimize your Net rate agreement formats and we will support you in generating partnerships that will help you increase your exposure within this segment.

Advisory on profiling for affiliation with Consortiums

Our experts in Consortiums for Luxury Markets will help you generate strategies to obtain the appropriate qualification and facilitate affiliation to the best consortiums, additionally generating strategies to increase sales in this prestigious segment.

Sales Consulting - Groups

We are ready to help you increase your group sales, our experts in the area will help you to generate a group database directed to your property, to profile and qualify groups as well as to establish the guides for events, and to review the optimal prices to close more sales while you get more Reservations.

Representation Services (Outsourced)

At GCBH we put at your disposal our Sales Representation service, our experts in Luxury Hospitality will help you expanding your network of contacts and making Sales Calls on behalf of your property, with our database of more than 3,000 agencies and commercial partners of the Luxury area.

Tailor-made services

Our Sales experts can advise you on administrative and financial issues, such as Creation of Annual Budgets, Planning of Travel Agendas, creation of SOP's, Operation Manuals and Guide Lines, if you have questions about these services, contact us.


Tulio Baruch, Sales Director

"Gema is a fundamental piece in our Sales team, she has that spark and ingenuity to find the best solution for the
satisfaction of our customers and business partners "

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